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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Book of Joshua

List of Literary Structures


2-1  2-2 

3-1  3-2  3-3 

5-1  5-2  5-3  5-4  5-5 

List of Pericopes

1 God's commission to Joshua(1:1-18)
2 Spies sent to Jericho(2:1-24)
3 Israel crosses the Jordan(3:1-17)
4 Twelve stones set up at Gilgal(4:1-24_5:1)
5 The new generation circumcised(5:2-12)
6 The Passover(5:10-12)
7 Joshua's vision(5:13-15)
8 Jerico taken and destroyed(6:1-25)
9 Curse of Joshua(6:26-27)
10 The sin of Achan and its punishment(7:1-26)
11 Ai captured by a stratagem and destroyed(8:1-29)
12 Joshua renews the covenant(8:30-35)
13 The Gibeonites save themselves by trickery(9:1-27)
14 Five kings defeated(10:1-43)
15 The united kings of northern Canaan defeated(11:1-15)
16 Summary of Joshua's conquests(11:16-23)
17 The kings conquered by Moses and Joshua(12:1-24)
18 The parts of Canaan still unconquered(13:1-7)
19 The territory east of the Jordan(13:8-14)
20 The territory of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh(13:15-33)
21 The distribution of territory west of the Jordan(14:1-5)
22 The territory of Judah(14:6-15:63)
23 The territory of Ephraim and Manasseh(16:1-17:18)
24 The territories ofn the remaining tribes(18:1-19:51)
25 The cities of refuge(20:1-9)
26 Cities allotted to Levities(21:1-45)
27 The eastern tribes return to their terittory(22:1-8)
28 The Altar of the Eastern tribes(22:9-34)
29 Joshua exhorts the people(23:1-16)
30 The tribes renew the covenant(24:1-28)
31 Death of Joshua and Eleazar(24:29-33)

Citations of the Bible are from New American Bible and New Revised Standard Version