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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of First Epistle to Timothy

Chiastic Structure and Concentric Structure and Parallel of each pericope

[1]Warning against false teachers  (1 Tim 1:1-11)
  A(1:1-2)  1:2 my true child in faith (1:2)   (πίστει)
    B(1:3-4)    1:4 or to concern themselves with myths and endless genealogies (1:4)
      C(1:5)      1:5 The aim of this instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. (1:5)"   (ἀγαθῆς)
        D(1:6-7)        1:6 Some people have deviated from these and turned to meaningless talk, (1:6)
      C'(1:8)      1:8 We know that the law is good, provided that one uses it as law (1:8)"   (καλὸς)
    B'(1:9-10)    1:10 the unchaste, practicing homosexuals, kidnapers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is opposed to sound teaching,(1:10)
  A'(1:11)  1:11with which I have been entrusted (1:11)   (ἐπιστεύθην)
   A: Faith. B: False. C: Good things. D: Meaningless talk.

[2]Gratitude for mercy  (1 Tim 1:12-20)
  A(1:12-14)  1:13 I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor (1:13)   (βλάσφημον)
    B(1:15-17)    1:15 Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners (1:15)
  A'(1:18-20)  1:20 to be taught not to blaspheme (1:20)   (βλασφημεῖν)
   A: To blaspheme. B: To save sinners.

[3]Instructions concerning prayer  (1 Tim 2:1-15)
  A(2:1-3)  2:2 we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all devotion and dignity. (2:2)
    B(2:4-7)    2:7 For this I was appointed preacher and apostle teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth. (2:7)   (διδάσκαλος)
      C(2:8)      2:8 in every place the men should pray, lifting up holy hands, without anger or argument (2:8)"   (ἄνδρας)
      C'(2:9-10)      2:9 women should adorn themselves with proper conduct, with modesty and self-control (2:9)"   (γυναῖκας)
    B'(2:11-14)    2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man (2:12)   (διδάσκειν)
  A'(2:15)  2:15 women persevere in faith and love and holiness, with self-control (2:15)
   A: Self-restraint. B: A teacher. C: Men and women.

[4]Qualifications of bishops and deacons  (1 Tim 3:1-13)
  A(3:1-2)  3:2 a bishop must be irreproachable, married only once (3:2)"   (μιᾶς γυναικὸς ἄνδρα)
    B(3:3-5)    3:3 not a drunkard, not aggressive, but gentle, not contentious, not a lover of money. (3:3)
      C(3:6)      3:6 so that he may not become conceited and thus incur the devil's punishment. (3:6)   (διαβόλου)
      C'(3:7)      3:7 so that he may not fall into disgrace, the devil's trap. (3:7)"   (διαβόλου)
    B'(3:8-10)    3:8 deacons must be dignified, not deceitful, not addicted to drink, not greedy for sordid gain,(3:8)
  A'(3:11-13)  3:12 Deacons may be married only once and must manage their children and their households well. (3:12)   (μιᾶς γυναικὸς ἄνδρες)
   A: Married only once. B: Not doing evils. C: Devils.

[5]False asceticism  (1 Tim 3:14-4:5)
  A(3:14-16)  3:16 believed in throughout the world, taken up in glory (3:16)"   (ἐπιστεύθη)
    B(4:1-3a)    4:2 through the hypocrisy of liars with branded consciences. (4:2)
  A'(4:3b-5)  4:3 to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. (4:3)   (πιστοῖς)
   A: Faith. B: falsehood.

[6]A good minister of Jesus Christ  (1 Tim 4:6-16)
  A(4:6)  4:6 If you will give these instructions to the brothers,(4:6)"   (διδασκαλίας)
    B(4:7-8)    4:7 Avoid profane and silly myths. Train yourself for devotion, (4:7)
      C(4:9-10)      4:10 the living God, who is the savior of all, especially of those who believe.(4:10)"   (σωτὴρ)
  A'(4:11-12)  4:11 Command and teach these things.(4:11)   (δίδασκε)
    B'(4:13-14)    4:13 Until I arrive, attend to the reading, exhortation, and teaching.(4:13)
      C'(4:15-16)      4:16 you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.(4:16)   (σώσεις)
   A: Teaching. B: Avoiding silly myths, attending to the reading. C: Salvation.

[7]Duties toward believers  (1 Tim 5:1-6:2)
  A1(5:1-2)  5:1 Do not rebuke an older man (5:1)
  A2(5:3-16)  5:3 Honor widows who are truly widows. (5:3)
  A3(5:17-19)  5:17 Presbyters who preside well deserve double honor, especially those who toil in preaching and teaching.(5:17)
  A4(5:20-25)  5:20 Reprimand publicly those who do sin, so that the rest also will be afraid. (5:20)
  A5(6:1-2)  6:1 Those who are under the yoke of slavery must regard their masters as worthy of full respect, (6:1)
   A: Exhortation for various people.

[8]False teaching and true riches  (1 Tim 6:3-10)
  A(6:3-5)  Apostate
    B(6:6-8)    religion with contentment (6:6)
  A'(6:9-10)  Rich
   A: Evils. B: Religion with contentment.

[9]The good fight of faith  (1 Tim 6:11-21)
  A(6:11-12)  avoid all this (6:11)
    B(6:13-14)    I charge you before God (6:13)
      C(6:15-16)      6:16 who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light (6:16)
    B'(6:17-19)    Instruct those who are rich in this world's goods (6:17)
  A'(6:20-21)  Avoid profane babbling and the absurdities of so-called knowledge (6:20)
   A: To avoid. B: To charge. C: God.

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