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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Epistle to the Hebrews

List of Literary Structures


4-1  4-2  4-3  4-4 

List of Pericopes

1 God has spoken by his son(1:1-14)
2 Warning to pay attention(2:1-18)
3 Moses a servant, Christ a son(3:1-6)
4 Warning against unbelief(3:7-19)
5 The rest that God promised(4:1-13)
6 Juseus the great high priest(4:14-5:10)
7 Warning against falling away(5:11-6:12)
8 The certainty of God's promise(6:13-7:10)
9 The priestly order of Melchizedek(7:11-28)
10 Mediator of a better covenant(8:1-13)
11 The earthly and the heavenly sanctuaries(9:1-22)
12 Christ's sacrifice takes away sin(9:23-28)
13 Christ's sacrifice once for all(10:1-18)
14 A call to persevere(10:19-39)
15 Faith(11:1-40)
16 Warning against rejecting God's grace(12:1-29)
17 Service well-pleasing to God(13:1-25)

Citations of the Bible are from New American Bible and New Revised Standard Version