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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Book of Maccabees 2

List of Literary Structures


2-1  2-2 

3-1  3-2  3-3 

List of Pericopes

1 Arrival of Heliodorus in Jerusalem(3:1-40)
2 Jason introduces Greek customs(4:1-22)
3 Menelaus becomes high priest(4:23-50)
4 Pillage of the temple(5:1-27)
5 The suppression of Judaism(6:1-7:42)
6 Judas defeats Nicanor(8:1-36)
7 Antiochus's letter and death(9:1-10:8)
8 Judas defeats Timothy(10:9-38)
9 Lysias makes peace with the Jews(11:1-38)
10 Combats of Judas(12:1-46)
11 Antiochus makes a treaty with a Jews(13:1-26)
12 Dispatch of Nicanor(14:1-46)
13 The defeat and death of Nicanor(15:1-37)

Citations of the Bible are from New American Bible and New Revised Standard Version