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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Book of Ezra in Greek

Chiastic Structure and Concentric Structure and Parallel of each pericope

[1]Reign of Josiah  (1Esd1:1-31)
  A(1:1-21)  Acts of the king
    B(1:22)    Recodrds
  A'(1:23-30)  Acts of the king
    B'(1:31)    Recodrds
   A: Acts of the king . B: Recodrds.

[2]The last kings of Judah  (1Esd1:32-55)
  A(1:32-40)  Captivity
    B(1:41-49a)    Evils
  A'(1:49b-55)  Captivity
   A: Captivity. B: Evils.

[3]Cyrus permits the exiles to return  (1Esd2:1-14)
  A(2:1-7)  Help of Cyrus
    B(2:7-8)    Acts of the people of Israel
  A'(2:9-13)  Help of Cyrus
    B'(2:14)    Acts of the people of Israel
   A: Help of Cyrus. B: Acts of the people of Israel.

[4]Opposition to rebuilding Jerusalem  (1Esd2:15-25)
  A(2:15-20)  Letter to the king
  A'(2:21-25)  Letter from the king
   A: Letter of the king.

[5]The debate of the three bodyguards  (1Esd3:1-4:63)
  A(3:1-16a)  The bet of three people
    B1(3:16b-23)    Explanation of the first
    B2(4:1-12)    Explanation of the second
    B3(4:13-41)    Explanation of the third
  A'(4:42-63)  Result of the bet
   A: The bet. B: Explanation of the three person.

[6]List of the returning exiles  (1Esd5:1-45)
  A(5:1-35)  The list of returnee
    B(5:36-40)    The persons who were not listed in the genealogy
  A'(5:41-45)  The total of returnee
   A: The returnee. B: The persons who were not listed in the genealogy.

[7]The foundation of the temple laid  (1Esd5:46-62)
  A(5:46-52)  Praise of the LORD
    B(5:53-55)    Construction of the temple
  A'(5:56-58)  Praise of the LORD
    B'(5:59-62)    Construction of the temple
   A: Praise of the LORD. B: Construction of the temple.

[8]Interference of enemies  (1Esd5:63-70)
  A(5:63-66)  Acts of enemies
    B(5:67-68)    Refusal
  A'(5:69-70)  Acts of enemies
   A: Acts of enemies. B: Refusal.

[9]Official permission granted  (1Esd6:1-33)
  A(6:1-6)  By whose order are you building this house and this roof and finishing all the other things? (6:4)
    B(6:7-21)    Question to the king
      C(6:22-25)      Records of Cyrus
    B'(6:26-30)    Instruction of the king
  A'(6:31-33)  I, King Darius, have decreed that it be done with all diligence as here prescribed (6:34)
   A: Order of the king. B: Question to the king. C: Records of Cyrus.

[10]The passover  (1Esd7:1-15)
  A(7:1-5)  supervised the holy work with very great care, assisting the elders of the Jews and the chief officers of the temple (7:2)
    B(7:6-9)    The dedication of the temple of the Lord
  A'(7:10-15)  he had changed the will of the king of the Assyrians concerning them, to strengthen their hands for the service of the Lord God of Israel (7:15)
   A: Help of the pagan. B:

[11]Ezra arrives in Jerusalem  (1Esd8:1-64)
  A(8:1-7)  Return of Ezra
    B(8:8-24)    The letter of the king
  A'(8:25-64)  Return of Ezra
   A: Return of Ezra. B: The letter of the king.

[12]The expulsion of foreign wives  (1Esd8:65-9:36)
  A(8:65-67)  Marriage with the pagan
    B(8:68-92)    Ezra's fasting and response of the people
    B'(9:1-17)    Ezra's fasting and response of the people
  A'(9:18-36)  Marriage with the pagan
   A: Marriage with the pagan. B: Ezra's fasting and response of the people.

[13]Ezra reads the law of the people  (1Esd9:37-55)
  A(9:37-41)  To listen to the law
    B(9:42-44)    The list of the people
      C(9:45-47)      Praise of the LORD
    B'(9:48)    The list of the people
  A'(9:49-55)  To listen to the law
   A: To listen to the law. B: The list of the people. C: Praise of the LORD.

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