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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Book of Ezra in Latin

Chiastic Structure and Concentric Structure and Parallel of each pericope

[1]The first vision  (4Esd3:1-5:15)
  A(3:1-35)  Sins on the earth
    B(4:1-11a)    Three metaphors
      C(4:11b-21)      Sufferings of living
        D(4:22-32)        Crops
        D'(4:33-37)        Crops
      C'(4:38-43)      Sufferings of living
    B'(4:44-50)    Three metaphors
  A'(4:51-5:15)  Sins on the earth
   A: Sins on the earth. B: Three metaphors. C: Sufferings of living. D: Crops.

[2]The second vision  (4Esd5:16-6:35)
  A(5:21-30)  Sanctification of Zion
    B(5:31-35a)    Israel
      C(5:35b-40)      The withered flowers
        D(5:41-44)        Former and latter
          E(5:45-49)          Order of creatures
        D'(5:50-55a)        Former and latter
      C'(5:55b-6:6)      The beautiful flowers
    B'(6:7-6:10)    Jacob
  A'(6:11-6:34)  End of the shame of Zion
   P: Fasting. A: Zion. B: Jacob. C: Flowers. D: Former and latter. E: Order of creatures.

[3]The third vision  (4Esd6:36-9:26)
  A(6:36-59)  Few people will be saved
    B(7:1-16)    Upset of creatures
      C(7:17-44)      Hell and Paradise
        D(7:45-61)        Gold and clay
          E(7:62-74)          Adam
            F(7:75-101)            The righteous
              G(7:102-105)              To intercede
            F'(7:106-115)            The righteous
          E'(7:116-131)          Adam
        D'(7:132-8:41)        Gold and clay
      C'(8:42-62a)      Hell and Paradise
    B'(8:62b-9:13)    Upset of creatures
  A'(9:14-26)  Few people will be saved
   A: Few people will be saved. B: Upset of creatures. C: Hell and Paradise. D: Gold and clay. E: Adam. F: The righteous. G: To intercede.

[4]The fourth vision  (4Esd9:27-10:60)
  A(9:27-10:24)  The vision of a woman
  A'(10:25-60)  Explanation of the vision of a woman
   A: The vision of a woman.

[5]The fifth vision  (4Esd11:1-12:39)
  A(11:1-12:6)  The vision of living things
  A'(12:7-39)  Explanation of the vision of living things
   A: The vision of living things.

[6]The sixth vision  (4Esd12:40-13:58)
P(12:40-51)In the field
  A(13:1-13a)  The dream
  A'(13:13b-56)  Explanation of the dream
P'(13:57-58)In the field
   A: In the field. B: The dream.

[7]The seventh vision  (4Esd14:1-47)
  A(14:1-17)  These words you shall publish openly, and these you shall keep secret (14:6)
    B(14:18-22)    To write
      C(14:23-37)      The command of the LORD
    B'(14:38-44)    To write
  A'(14:45-47)  Make public the twenty-four books that you wrote first (14:45)
   A: To make public. B: To write. C: The command of the LORD.

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