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Literary structure (chiasmus, chiasm) of Book of Ezra in Latin

Chiasmus and Concentric Structure of whole text


1 The first vision (3:1-5:15)
  2 The second vision (5:16-6:35)
    3 The third vision (6:36-9:26)
      4 The fourth vision (9:27-10:60)
    5 The fifth vision (11:1-12:39)
  6 The sixth vision (12:40-13:58)
7 The seventh vision (14:1-47)
Former halfRelationLatter half
1 The first vision (3:1-5:15)
why the people whom you loved has been given over to godless tribes, and the law of our ancestors has been brought to destruction and the written covenants no longer exist. (4:23)
Perish of writings / Writings are given7 The seventh vision (14:1-47)
So during the forty days, ninety-four books were written. (14:44)
2 The second vision (5:16-6:35)
and when I require from the doers of iniquity the penalty of their iniquity, and when the humiliation of Zion is complete. (6:19)
The day of the LORD6 The sixth vision (12:40-13:58)
The days are coming when the Most High will deliver those who are on the earth. (13:29)
3 The third vision (6:36-9:26)
History of Israel
History5 The fifth vision (11:1-12:39)
History of Foreign kings

Citations of the Bible are from New American Bible, New Revised Standard Version and New Jerusalem Bible.

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