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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Gospel of Mark

List of Literary Structures


2-1  2-2 

3-1  3-2  3-3 

4-1  4-2  4-3  4-4 

5-1  5-2  5-3  5-4  5-5 

9-1  9-2  9-3  9-4  9-5  9-6  9-7  9-8  9-9 

List of Pericopes

1 Prophecy of Isaiah(1:1-3)
2 Proclamation of John the Baptist(1:4-8)
3 Preparation for ministry(1:9-13)
4 The beginning of the Galilean ministry(1:14-15)
5 Jesus calls the first disciples(1:16-20)
6 The man with an unclean spirit(1:21-28)
7 Jesus heals many at Simon's house(1:29-39)
8 Jesus cleanses a leper(1:40-45)
9 Jesus heals a paralytic(2:1-12)
10 Jesus calls Levi(2:13-17)
11 The question about fasting(2:18-22)
12 Pronoucement about the sabbath(2:23-28)
13 The man with a withered hand(3:1-6)
14 A multitude at the seaside(3:7-12)
15 Jesus appoints the twelve(3:13-19)
16 Jesus and Beelzebul(3:20-30)
17 The true kindred of Jesus(3:31-35)
18 The parable of the sower(4:1-20)
19 The parables of the kingdom of God(4:21-34)
20 Jesus stills a storm(4:35-41)
21 Jesus heals the Gerasene demoniac(5:1-20)
22 A girl restored to life and a woman healed(5:21-43)
23 The rejection of Jesus at Nazareth(6:1-6)
24 The mission of the twelve(6:7-13)
25 The death of John the Baptist(6:14-29)
26 Feeding the five thousand(6:30-44)
27 Jesus walks on the water(6:45-53)
28 Healing the sick in Gennesaret(6:54-56)
29 The tradition on the elders(7:1-23)
30 The Syrophoenician woman's faith(7:24-30)
31 Jesus cures a deaf man(7:31-37)
32 Feeding the four thousand(8:1-10)
33 The yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod(8:11-21)
34 Jesus cures a blind man at Bethsaida(8:22-26)
35 Peter's declaration about Jesus(8:27-30)
36 Jesus foretells his death and resurrection(8:31-33)
37 Losing life for Jesus(8:34-38)
38 A man who not taste death(9:1)
39 The transfiguration(9:2-13)
40 The healing of a boy with a spirit(9:14-29)
41 Jesus again foretells his death and resurrection(9:30-32)
42 Who is the greatest?(9:33-50)
43 Teaching about divorce(10:1-12)
44 Jesus blesses little children(10:13-16)
45 The rich man(10:17-31)
46 A third time Jesus foretells his death and resurrection(10:32-34)
47 The request of James and John(10:35-45)
48 The healing of blind Bartimaeus(10:46-52)
49 Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem(11:1-11)
50 Jesus curses the fig tree(11:12-14)
51 Jesus cleanses the temple(11:15-19)
52 The lesson from the withered fig tree(11:20-26)
53 Jesus' authority is questioned(11:27-33)
54 The parable of the wicked tenants(12:1-12)
55 The question about paying taxes(12:13-17)
56 The question about the resurrection(12:18-27)
57 The first commandment(12:28-34)
58 The question about David's son(12:35-37)
59 Jesus denounces the scribes(12:38-40)
60 The widow's offering(12:41-44)
61 The destruction of the temple foretold(13:1-23)
62 The desolating sacrilege(13:24-27)
63 The lesson of the fig tree(13:28-31)
64 The necedssity of watchfulness(13:32-37)
65 The plot to kill Jesus(14:1-2)
66 The anointing at Bethany(14:3-9)
67 Judas agrees to betray Jesus(14:10-11)
68 The preparation for the Passover(14:12-16)
69 The Passover with the disciples(14:17-21)
70 The instructions of the Lord's supper(14:22-26)
71 Peter's denial foretold(14:27-31)
72 Jesus prays in Gethsemane(14:32-42)
73 The betrayal and arrest of Jesus(14:43-52)
74 Jesus before the council(14:53-65)
75 Peter denies Jesus(14:66-72)
76 Jesus before Pilate(15:1-5)
77 Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified(15:6-15)
78 The crucifixion of Jesus(15:16-24)
79 The death of Jesus(15:25-39)
80 The burial of Jesus(15:40-47)
81 The resurrection of Jesus(16:1-8)

Citations of the Bible are from New American Bible and New Revised Standard Version